Stages of Immigrant Settlement


Stages of Immigrant Settlement is an exhibition by new Canadians who immigrated from across the globe to the Okanagan. Each participating photographer captured images that represented various themes related to health and wellbeing, including safety and security, social support, professional identity, cultural changes and identity.


Reading the captions, familiar places like the global food aisle at your local grocer, or the skating rink may be a source of anxiety to one new Canadian, or a place of comfort to another. 

Stages of Immigrant Settlement invites the community to see the identities and experiences of new Canadians seeking to integrate and belong.

Conducted by Dr. Shirley Chau of UBCO’s School of Social Work, the Photovoice Exhibition is part of a three-year study supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health and Research. Photovoice is a research method wherein participants are provided with equipment to capture images that illustrate and describe some aspect of their life experience. The study is designed to build community and knowledge to understand immigrants’ experiences of health and wellbeing in relation to their immigration and settlement.