South Okanagan | Similkameen
Local Immigration Partnership

Municipalities play a central role in delivering many services that impact the integration outcomes of newcomers. Communities across Canada are recognizing the importance of newcomers while making immigration a main component of their plans for the future.

The South Okanagan | Similkameen Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) was established in 2014.  A LIP Council was formed with members drawn from all levels of government, immigrant serving agencies, public institutions, regional employment networks, employers, local associations, newcomers and key community stakeholders.

Research shows it can take up to fifteen years before a new immigrant is full integrated into a Canadian community.  There is an opportunity through focused strategic initiatives to ensure new immigrants are integrated more quickly.  These initiatives can help meet the shortage of skills in the labour market and help build and sustain the foundation of small businesses in BC.  These initiatives should also ensure that newcomers are socially and culturally integrated such that they are further contributing to the community as civically minded members.

The LIP Council has developed a shared goal and strategic plan focused on creating and implementing action plans to address the following key conditions for change:

1. Attract and sustain newcomers that meet the workforce and business opportunities in the region

2. Ensure programs and networks are in place to support newcomers

3. Increase awareness of what newcomers contribute to the region and what the region can contribute to newcomers.